We Make Smoked Meats That Will Last the Season

Get smoked meats from our local butcher shop in Boise, ID

Got meat but don't know how you're going to store it? Make your life easier with the help of Get Your Meat in Boise, ID. We're a local butcher shop that can smoke just about anything you have to offer. Our smokehouse custom meats are generally smoked with hickory, but you can request another wood too. You can also come to us for cold smoking. With this service, you'll be able to transform fresh meats, enhancing their flavor before you cook them.

Make your meats delicious with the help of our local butcher shop. Call 208-724-6647 to place your order today.

Delectable smoked meats are our specialty

We make mouthwatering custom meats in our smokehouse. And meats aren't the only thing that we smoke! Come to us for:

  • Snack sticks
  • Jerky meat
  • Smoked birds
  • Smoked cheeses
The only game we can't traditionally smoke are turkey and ham. Visit our local butcher shop today to get started with our custom smokehouse services.